1849We specialise in asbestos abatement (Asbestos Clean-up, Removals and Encapsulation works).

Abbey Contracting is able to create asbestos abatement packages for any solution.

We specialise and have extensive experience in the following sectors:

  • Residential Properties-Commercial Properties
  • Industrial Sites
  • Historical & Security Sensitive Sites
  • Healthcare Establishments
  • Government Buildings-Leisure & Retail

All our staff are fully trained to HSE standards in the safe handling of any asbestos containing materials and can deal with any event where asbestos has been damaged or poses a risk to health.

Asbestos containing materials (ACMs) fall into 3 categories.

Licensed require removal under controlled conditions by a licensed contractor.

Non-licensed require removal in accordance with HSE Guidelines.Notifiable non-licensed require removal in accordance with HSE Guidelines.

As a fully licensed removal company any asbestos works we conduct are carried in accordance with ‘The control of asbestos regulations 2012’.

Removal Under Controlled Conditions

The type of asbestos and its location will determine which category it falls into. Asbestos removal works under controlled conditions are subject to a 14-day notification period (to the HSE). For each job, Abbey Contracting will present you with site specific method statements and risk assessments. Where appropriate we will notify the HSE and the Environment Agency of planned controlled asbestos removal works and hazardous waste disposal.

Air Clearance Testing

Once asbestos removal works are complete air testing is carried out. In controlled works air clearance testing is carried out by an independent UKAS accredited laboratory. The asbestos is then transported and disposed at a landfill site in accordance with the Hazardous Waste Regulations 2011.

Project Health & Safety File

For controlled works an end-of-works health & safety file is provided which includes air clearance certification to satisfy any future Health & Safety inspections.


surveyingAbbey Contracting Ltd is accredited to carry out asbestos management, refurbishment/demolition surveys in accordance with HSG 264 and have a successful team of industry experienced asbestos surveyors. All our surveyors hold a BOHS P402 certificate as a minimum and are fully trained to Abbey Contracting Ltd surveying procedures.

There are two types of survey:

  • Management Inspection – consists of a visual assessment, standard sampling, identification and assessment survey. Non-destructive.
  • Refurbishment/demolition Inspection – A fully intrusive survey made prior to refurbishment and demolition works.

Our Report to You

On completion of the survey we will send you a full report on our findings. This will tell you what we have found, what it means and what you need to do next in order to comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

We can survey any site, from small buildings and social housing to large office blocks and factories.


samplingTaking a sample does not require employing a company with an asbestos licence.

If the material that is suspected to contain asbestos is damaged and a piece remains on the floor you can take the sample yourself only if there is no risk of spreading debris or exposing yourself or others to dust.

Things to note

Watch where you walk

Dampen the immediate area and sample location using a fine spray e.g. Garden sprayer

Place the sample into a self sealing polythene bag, label it as asbestos and state the location it was taken.

Place into a second self sealing polythene bag ensuring the label is clearly visible.

Call us where we will be happy to arrange for the sample to be tested and return the results back to you via post or email.


Call us where we will be happy to attend the site, take the sample and return the results via post or email.

Asbestos Waste Collection

asbestos-wasteWe offer an asbestos disposal and collection service throughout the UK and can accommodate small domestic jobs through to the largest projects.

Just because asbestos is removed from a building, it doesn’t stop being dangerous!

It has to be carefully wrapped in accordance with HSE guidelines and various legislative requirements, removed from the site using specially licensed vehicles and drivers, where it is transferred to special asbestos skips prior to be sent to landfill where it is permanently encapsulated.

The collection service is particularly valuable during contracts where the asbestos waste needs to be removed from site regularly, because of site security issues or because of large scale activity which could potentially result in the waste material being disturbed.

Asbestos waste collections are carried out nationwide and daily collections for higher volume sites can be accommodated.Hazardous waste consignment notes are issued for all asbestos waste and as you would expect, sites generating waste exceeding 500 kg’s are registered asbestos waste producers, which we can do on your behalf.


managementAbbey Contracting have the resources and experience to comprehensively manage any asbestos removal project.

From the initial inspection, survey, removal to the final disposal.

Our Management Team will design and overview the project to cause minimal inconvenience to the client with maximum discretion.

Close attention is paid to enclosure design, air movement, negative pressure, transit routes, decontamination and waste disposal to provide a professional and efficient service.

All projects comply with Control of Asbestos and Works Regulations 2012 and the Licensed Contractor’s Guide (HSG 247).

The waste is consigned away under The Environmental Agency Section 62 notification. Abbey Contracting Ltd also hold a waste carriers licence to enable us to carry and directly dispose of hazardous waste.

Abbey Contracting are proud to work closely with LA Moore Limited to offer a service package right through to demolition. If this is a requirement and you would like to get more information regarding the services L A Moore Limited offer, please contact us to discuss.

Alternatively you can go direct though to their website –